Abigail Spanberger for VA-7 Congress

September 26, 2018 - 2020-11-10 22:27:41
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“This campaign is about bringing people together to offer Central Virginia fresh, accountable leadership. I have always believed that our leaders should strive to build consensus to make our communities better, not divide them, and that philosophy has guided this campaign. Our grassroots movement transcends political party, and I am deeply proud of it.” – Abigail Spanberger

“Abigail’s life has been about public service and about protecting this nation. I could not be more proud to call her my friend. Abigail’s a former operations officer for the CIA, and she’s running to protect our healthcare, overturn the awful Citizens United ruling, and move Virginia toward green-energy independence. Abigail’s modest, but I’ll tell you the history-making truth: She’ll be the first woman to ever be elected to this seat.” – Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, Democrat.

“Abigail has a history of putting our country first, both as an officer at CIA and in federal law enforcement. That is why I am voting for Abigail Spanberger” – Joe McElroy, Republican for 25 years, Lieutenant Colonel, US Army (retired)

Her father was a federal law enforcement officer. Abigail Spanberger believes in leadership that flows from our shared American values of integrity, responsibility, and decency, and she wants to work to move this country forward together.
Senator Tim Kaine visited Abigail campaign office
Abigail Spanberger Debate Closing – October 15, 2018


November 2 - "VA-7 is a historically Republican district. But it is now a toss-up race because our campaign’s message of building consensus is resonating with Virginians of both political parties. That includes former Republican Senator John Warner, Danh, who I am very proud to announce has endorsed our campaign. “It goes beyond politics now,” Sen. Warner told NBC News, explaining his decision. “I’m a Republican, I’ll finish a Republican as I cruise through my 91st year. But you’ve got to put the nation’s interests and the state’s interests ahead of politics.” I’m honored to have earned Sen. Warner’s support, Danh, because he is right -- the issues at stake in this election transcend partisan politics. We’re building a broad coalition to chart a positive path forward for Central Virginia. If we keep reaching out to our neighbors, we will win this race in four days" - Abigail
September 26 - Abigail Spanberger: 43% Opponent: 47%


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