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July 20, 2018 - 2018-11-06 13:37:19
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“Hitting the opioid crisis head on. My dad, Ted Wilson, is a mayor of Salt Lake city. We need someone with compassion who works for all of us.” – Jenny Wilson

“I’m still digesting everything I learned during my tour of rural Utah last week.

One theme I heard again and again was that our small-town tourist economies are suffering. People can’t make a living wage—I met a woman in Moab who said she was juggling five different jobs at one point in order to support her family.

Five. Jobs.

Rural Utahns face severe challenges—and our next senator can’t be more preoccupied with special interests in D.C. and than with addressing those challenges head-on.

No one can represent our state without connecting to our people. Your support helps me do the travel that gives me a better understanding of what we’re all going through—make a donation now to help me get to every corner of our state.

On top of economic difficulties, I saw that many areas face massive infrastructure deficits, particularly in our tribal communities. As parts of Utah experience unprecedented growth and innovation, others are being left behind.

We deserve solutions that take our economic and everyday realities into account—not idle talking points from wealthy, out-of-state politicians using our state as a career stepping stone.

I need to get back out there and hear from even more Utahns. Help me put those miles on my car so I can have the conversations that make change possible” – Jenny Wilson




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