Mandela Barnes for Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor

September 14, 2018 - 2018-11-07 00:39:56
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“I was born and raised in Milwaukee, where I grew up in a middle class union household. I served as one of Wisconsin’s youngest and most progressive assembly members.

Look, I grew up in an underserved neighborhood; one politicians often forget. I know the effects Scott Walker has had on our state, especially in communities like mine. And, I know we can’t afford another four years of Scott Walker

When I look around, I see less opportunity for today’s kids than when I grew up, and Scott Walker has done absolutely nothing to provide opportunity to the next generation. We have to change that.

As Tony says, “what’s best for our kids is best for our state,” and I know we have to do much better. That’s why I’m running with Tony to move Wisconsin forward, together. Our state needs a new progressive vision to help hardworking Wisconsinites succeed.

Tony’s vision of better schools, affordable quality healthcare, and a strong middle class with good paying jobs is what our state needs. 

Scott Walker has failed our state on every issue:

  • Walker handed out millions of dollars to Foxconn, but stays silent when President Trump attacks Wisconsin’s Harley Davidson.
  • Walker has done everything in his power to harm the Affordable Care Act and has involved the state in a lawsuit to gut the law and its protections for pre-existing conditions.
  • Walker has ignored the real risk of climate change and has allowed corporations to pollute our air and water without consequence.
  • Walker has ignored the criminal justice issues facing Wisconsin’s communities and sees “no value” in visiting our incarcerated Wisconsinites.
  • Walker cut hundreds of millions of dollars from our education system — and now he’s calling himself the “Education Governor.”

We need to change the way we do business here in Wisconsin. Tony and I are problem solvers and we are fighters. We won’t stop until we fix the problems facing Wisconsin’s hardworking families.“- Mandela Barnes




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