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November 3, 2018 - 2018-11-06 21:29:26
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I have been leading the conversation on cybersecurity and the threats we face from foreign hackers. Beyond our election infrastructure, our energy grids and transportation systems are also susceptible to hacking attacks, with potentially disastrous consequences. We secured $380 million for election security earlier this year, and my amendment to establish a national cyber warfare doctrine passed the Senate earlier this month.

I’ve also been fighting to protect investments in our rural transportation infrastructure in New Mexico. The Senate recently passed my bipartisan amendment for an additional $50 million to help maintain the Southwest Chief Amtrak route. Trains help connect New Mexico to the rest of the country, and keeping this route is critical to the local economy and the rural communities that rely on this line.

And I’m standing up to President Trump’s cynical attempt to force consumers to bailout uncompetitive coal and nuclear power plants. In a blatant effort to keep his campaign promises, the president is claiming a national security emergency to keep coal-fired plants open. But the truth is there is no national security emergency, and this artificial bailout will increase energy costs and leave businesses and households paying higher electric bills. I am going to keep fighting against this bailout and any attempt to drag us back on energy, and I will continue to push for modernizing and diversifying our energy grid.

Some of these updates don’t warrant a breaking news alert on your phone, but they are making a difference in people’s lives. I came to the Senate to represent New Mexicans and our values, and we are making progress that will help people across our state and country.” – Martin Heinrich




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