Sherrod Brown for Ohio Senator

November 10, 2017 - 2020-11-07 17:00:00
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The United States is one of the most prosperous nations in the world. We rank in the top in economics, business environments, social capital, and education.

Yet somehow, 16.1 percent of the children in this country live in poverty. And 4.9 percent live in what’s called “deep poverty.”

We’ve heard a lot about tax reform lately. The president and his administration seem to think that millionaires, billionaires, and corporations are the ones who need tax breaks. That’s who they’re planning to give tax relief in their plan.

Well, I think if we’re going to tackle tax reform, we should give the breaks to the people who need it most. I want to expand the Child Tax Credit (CTC) to help low-income and poverty-stricken families lift themselves up. My plan would put money back in parents’ pockets throughout the year, so they can support their children and reliably afford necessities like food and housing.

The best part? One study by researchers at Columbia University showed that this plan would cut the child poverty rate by almost half.

According to Vox: “In raw numbers, [the plan] would lift 5.3 million children out of poverty and 1.9 million out of deep poverty.”

“We still have to work together to fight for the values we share — like access to affordable health coverage; reversing Citizens United; or a tax plan that rewards the working people, not the wealthy few.”

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Sherrod is an Incumbent Democratic U.S. Senator in Ohio. He is running for reelection in 2018


  1. Danh Nguyen

    October 15, 2018 – Early voting is underway. You can find your early voting location here
    Nov 10, 2017 – He does look like George Washington, the first president of the United States!



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