Supreme Court Nomination Hearing

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September 7, 2018 – “Today is the final day of confirmation hearings for Brett Kavanaugh, and Republicans still haven’t released his full records.
Time is running out for the American people to find out what the GOP is trying to hide.
This unprecedented Republican obstruction has gone on for too long.
Supreme Court appointments are far too important to allow this partisan interference to continue.” – DSCC

September 5, 2018 – “In the weeks leading up to the hearings for Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, rhetoric ran hot as Republicans complained that Democrats weren’t willing to give Kavanaugh an honest hearing, one based on facts and Kavanaugh’s record.

At the same time, Republicans refused to release hundreds of thousands of pages of Kavanaugh’s writing.

Think about that. Who doesn’t want to have an honest, fact-based hearing: the people who want to learn the facts, or the people who want to suppress them?

And then, on Monday night, just a few hours before the hearings were to begin, Republicans released more than 42,000 pages for Democrats to review. When Democrats objected that no one could read 42,000 pages overnight, Republicans insisted – against all reason – that they had.

The hearings have just begun, Danh, but the Republicans in charge of them have already shown that they’re unwilling to run an open process or to fulfill their constitutional responsibility – even slightly.” – Senator Ron Wyden


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