Our Summer Traditions

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“As this absolutely out-of-the-ordinary summer comes to a close, I find myself reflecting on our summer traditions.

All four of our kids have summer birthdays. Summer fun meant crafts and games, handmade t-shirts and the annual ‘Roudapalooza’ birthday event. We would invite all of their friends and the neighborhood kids over for a party.

As a mom, photos like these of the kids just before the party started are the ones I cherish decades later.

Instead of bringing presents for the kids, people brought donations for the local food bank. Over the years we gathered many pounds of food thanks to this one big birthday party

This campaign has been a lot like one of those old parties, oddly enough. We’ve got a great team, having a great time, working toward a common good.

With enough grassroots support, we just might have the first-ever Roudapalooza in November.” Kaira Rouda



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